Resume Writing 101

The sections on your resume can vary. Always have Education first, and then consider Experience, Activities, Internship Experience, Volunteer Experience, and/or a Skills section.

The resume should be one font type. Make it easy to read, such as Times New Roman, Arial, or Calibri.

The body of the resume should have font size between 10-12pt.

Keep your resume to one page with the most relevant experience included. It is ok to leave off irrelevant experiences. Talk with your career coach to learn what would be good include.

Margins should be between .5in and 1in.

Within a section, if multiple entries are present, list in reverse chronological order by date (i.e. May 2017 entry coming before April 2017 entry).

For each experience on your resume, you should include the following:

  • Name of Business/Organization/Event
  • Location (ex: Bloomington, IN)
  • Dates
  • Position Title (if applicable)

Use consistent format for all dates in resume (i.e. month, year or season, year). Align with other dates on page. Use consistent dash style.

Yes! Your descriptions should always be bulleted lists including first a skill verb, the how, and then the why of the tasks you did.

Skill verb + how + why/result

Do NOT include personal information such as birth date, race/ethnicity, or hobbies and interests.

You do not need to mention references directly on your resume. Employers will ask for them and you can include them on a separate document. 

Sample Resume