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Description of the video:


In this segment we're going to cover our core essentials to avoiding a job posting scam. So these are going to be our six major takeaways from the actual document.

Number One: Never give out your personal bank account, paypal, credit card or any other financial account information to a new employer.

Number Two: do not agree to have any funds or paychecks directly deposited into any of your accounts by a new employer without first verifying their legitimacy. Most employers will give you the option to do direct deposit but this won't occur as a part of the application process. You'll want to set this up with your HR, or whoever it is it's administering payroll after you've already been hired. 

Number Three: do not forward, transfer, send by courier (that would be UPS, FedEx, anything like that) or wire any money to an employer using your personal account number. 

Number Four: don't transfer money and retain a portion of payment. This is a pretty common scam, we've seen it come through myJobs before when an illegitimate employer will ask you to send a check for a certain amount of money with the promise that in return, it will send you that money back plus some. This is never going to be a legitimate opportunity through myJobs. There will never by any type of opportunity where you would make an investment.

Number Five: do not respond to any suspicious or too good to be true opportunities. Again, just like the old adage says: if it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

And then last (Number Six): You will never be asked to pay a fee to obtain a job. While there might be legitimate opportunities out there that require you to purchase products to sell or to pay for a certification or training, we don't post those jobs on myJobs. That goes against our office's policy, so if you see anything that asks you to pay a fee, please report that to us so we can have it removed.

And on this next page here we're going to see contact information for our office. You can reach out to us to do any of that reporting of suspicious or fraudulent job postings. You're going to see this in the next couple videos as well, so write down this information, become familiar with it, and let us know where you find anything that might be suspicious. 

Thanks for tuning in and we'll see you in the next video!